Mind & Code

Eat Now (iPhone & Apple Watch)

Eat-Now is an instant, personalized restaurant recommendation engine.

No searching, no filtering, no typing. Eat-Now offers a simple and smart way of food exploring by automatically suggesting your favorite restaurants around upon app open. Eat Now is equipped with our own learning algorithm which learns more about your taste each time you use it.


Woke (iPhone)

Woke is a social alarm clock for your smartphone. Aiming at leveraging the connectivity and utility we've already been benefiting from your smartphones, Woke is a creative approach to make people's daily waking up moments more delightful.


Once (iPhone)

Once is a contact reminder that does exactly one thing. It sends you a push notification 24 hours after each time you add a new contact. Our minds usually work pretty well remembering new faces but sometimes a simple nudge does help, especially after a night well wasted.