Mind & Code


We are makers and thinkers. Our journey starts with a simple question: what it takes to shape the world to what we believe in? We will never be perfect, but we are always on the way towards it. And that's how we got our name: Sami-Sane.

  • CEO-wannabe.
  • The person who constantly throws random, self-inspired ideas on team dinner table.
  • Thinks he knows everything, a bit.
  • Takes care of the business side.
  • Hates Gruyere in his sandwich.
  • Hard-core skier.
  • Passionately underestimate the amount of time it takes to develop anything.

Background: Computer Engineering, Quantitative Finance.

Education: Master’s Degree, George Washington University

Lei Zhang

Developer, Business

  • Nerd.
  • Arguably writes the best code of the three.
  • Lives in a mess.
  • Considers his best friend Luke, aka the cat.
  • Constantly trying to eliminate all issues on Git in vain (as Lei keeps adding more)
  • Eats Chinese take-out five times a day, never gains a pound
  • Made 8 apps so far; 2 featured on App Store

Background: iOS Development, Computer Science

Education: Master’s Degree, Purdue University

Caoer Xiong